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    Nanjing Zernike Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zijin (Jiangning) Technology Entrepreneurship Special Community, specializing in the production and research and development of various optical testing instruments and laser interferometers. ZERNIKE series interferometers are easy to operate and accurate. They are suitable for high-precision metrology inspection and on-line inspection of optical processing. With the independent research and development of interferometer analysis software, high precision and high quality measurement results can be obtained.

    The company's team adheres to the business philosophy of service, precision, efficiency and innovation to provide customers with high quality optical equipment and services.?


    ZERNIKE(Nanjing)Laser Technology Co.,Ltd

    TEL:+86-25-8616 1158

    WhatsApp|WeChat|Mobile Phone :+86 15301583518

    Adds: 12# Mozhou East Round,Jiangning,Nanjign City,Jiangsu Province,PRC