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    ?In the past week, CAXCAD has made major updates in the analysis function:


    Add the operand MF-FCUR MF-DISC to the Field Curv and Distortion

    Increase the operand MF-RELI in Relative illumination

    Lateral Color difference

    Axial Chromatic Focus Shift

    The Dispersion Diagram improves the speed of refractive index calculation

    Glass Map. Glass map

    The Glass Library CDGM has been updated to the latest version


    ?Field Curv and Distortion

    Add the evaluation function operand MF-RELI to the Relative illumination

    CAXCAD uses a fast calculation algorithm, and the relative illumination is about 20 times faster than the calculation speed of ordinary optical software.

    ??Lateral Color

    ?Chromatic Focus Shift

    Dispersion Diagram?

    A comparison of the latest CDGM H-K9L and SCHOTT BK7 glasses shows that there is almost no difference between the two glasses in the visible light band.

    But in the near infrared band above 1um, the difference is obvious. This is consistent with the analysis of glass substitution in actual use, which plays a key role in the designer's decision.

    Glass Map

    CAXCAD's glass diagram supports specifying the glass state and focus glass


    For more information, please pay attention to CAXCAD official account