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    Zernike's customized air-floating vibration isolation platform perfectly fits the zernike laser interferometer

    Application range: gas floating isolation optical platform is widely used in light learning, electronic, precision mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, navigation, precision and non-destructive testing, and other mechanical industries of precision test instruments, equipment vibration isolation. Features: the semi-diaphragm type air spring, the vibration isolation performance is good, the natural frequency is usually less than 1.5hzon, the cost-effective research stage gas floating vibration isolation optical platform.

    Automatic balance: automatic inflation, automatic balance, short response time, fast natural frequency: 1.5hzh, 3hz-same load and actual usage situation of the same load and actual usage: 0.05mm

    Static air pump: air discharge: 20l/min exhaust pressure; Voltage frequency: 220v 50hz running noise: 40dbb surface roughness: the surface roughness is 0.8mm

    Mesa structure: three-layer sandwich honeycomb structure

    Stage: 5-6mm430 high permeability stainless steel, the table is made of midika sublight processing (avoiding the reflector) mesa: steel honeycomb support structure, welding technology, high strength

    Internal steel plate, the outer layer is very beautiful and practical, the four Angle is made of stainless steel plate Angle plane degree: 0.02-0.05mm \ 600mmx600, above foreign similar product mesa hole distance/aperture: 25mmx25mm aperture: m6 national standard metric screw surface thickness/weight: 200mm thickness table/table weight 225 kg

    The semi-diaphragm air spring is supported by the secondary air chamber, which further improves the vibration vibration performance, the overall welding type four or six supporting structures (3 meters for six support).